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Medus Bolduc
              on horse back with harvest crew 1911

Since the mid 1800's to present day our family has been centered around agriculture and being good stewards of the land in Nova Scotia and the southern Alberta area.  The picture above shows Medus Bolduc (far left on horse back) with the harvest crew during the 1911 season.  From these beginnings we have grown into the operation that we are today offering premium pedigreed seed, seed conditioning in our  processing facility (cleaning, drying & treating), custom feeding in our feedlot facility, cow-calf sales, custom baling and straw sales.  It is still a family run operation with an up and coming  sixth generation (7 children, 2 years to 13 years old) keeping us all on our toes.  This site was designed to allow us to be able to reach out and stay in touch with new customers as well as our  current ones and to advise them of the new products and services that we offer.

Medus Bolduc
            Harvest in the fall of 1919

Medus Bolduc harvest in 1919.